Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation Gift Ideas For High School Students

With graduation season upon us, its always hard to figure out what to give someone else on their special day. My baby brother is graduating high school in two weeks and its always hard for me to figure out what to buy my friends let alone a sibling of the opposite sex!

So I've composed a list of some gift ideas for the incoming college freshman class! (I know that my freshman year of college I could have definitely benefited from a few of these gifts!!!)

Gifts for Girls and Boys Graduating From High School:

1.  College Safety 101 Book

2. MacBook Laptop 

3. Diploma Frame

4. Customized Laundry Bag

5. Mini Fridge for the Dorm Room

6. External Hard-Drive 

7. Bed Desk 

8. Collegiate Blanket

9. Monogrammed Laptop Case

10. Frames

11. Charger Dock

12. Jewelry Tree

13. Ipod Speakers

14. Alarm Clock 

15. Flip Camera/Camcorder

16. Monogrammed Towels 

17. Luggage

18.  Collegiate Loungewear 

19.  Television

20. Microwave

Hope this list helps you pick out some special gifts for the grad in your life, whose off to college!

Good Luck Incoming College Freshman!


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  1. I like the high school graduation gift idea of mini-fridge. I would love to receive one for it helps me preserve my food and drinks anytime.