Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Gift Ideas For College Graduates


It's finally that time for college grads to hit the real world and become a full-fledged adult. Majority of my friends graduated/are graduating and I have tons of gifts to buy for every grad party or dinner that I am attending. Can't wait 'til it's my turn in December! Ill be part of the Class of 2011!!! :)

Here are Some Gift Ideas for the New Working Class:

1. Celebration Basket

2. Ipad 2

3. Michael Kors Ipad Case

4. Tory Burch Laptop/Briefcase for the New Business Women

5. Gucci Briefcase for Men

6. Travel Safe Bag

7. Camera 

8. Pocket-Size HD Waterproof Camcorder

9. Coffee Maker

10. Collage Frames

The working class should be thrilled to have the class of 2011 graduates! They are going to be a spectacular addition to achieve greatness! Good Luck everyone, and a special congrats to all my friends and sisters who just recently graduated, I am soooo beyond proud of you all!!!

P.S. A quick shout out to one of my sorority sisters who just recently graduated, landed her dream job and has been killing it ever since she started! SOOO PROUD OF YOU CHELS! So glad to have you in my life as my sister/BFF/soulmate! Cant wait 'til we are traveling to paris on our private jets (just like we would imagine during those sleepless study nights in the DZ dorm, our dreams are closer then ever!) 

In sisterly love and friendship, each to the other, a world without ends, amen!!!

 Chelsea and I

"Chance made us sisters. Hearts made us friends!"

Happy Shopping, Fashionistas!


  1. I looooove you!!! :) and that michael kors ipad case..which is only $130 :)

  2. All these gift really remind the grad to hit the real world..and face the challenges in the upcoming days.

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