Thursday, June 9, 2011

Secrets, SHHH!!!

Hey Dolls!
So I thought I'd share some awesome beauty secrets I use, that I know will be helpful to all of you!!! All these little secrets help radiate your skin more, diminish blemishes, make your hair silky smooth, get a quick tan and make your teeth brighter!

1. Victoria Secrets Tan Enhancing Shimmer Lotion: I swear by this product! I use it all the time, even when my tan is at its peak! Its perfect in the winter time when you feel you need an extra skin boost or even in the summer when you want to bring out your tan and have everyones eyes fixated on your sexy legs. And the best part is it doesn't stink!!!

2. Toothpaste: When you have a blemish that is under the skin and irritating your face the perfect thing to do is apply a small dab right before bed. The chemicals in the toothpaste dries out the pimple. 

3. Visine: When you apply a small drop on a very red blemish it takes away the redness!

4. Baby Oil: Applying baby oil while laying out will give you a tan that looks like you have laid out all week in one day!

5. Baking Soda and Peroxide: Using this mix as a tooth paste will whiten your teeth. 

6. Vaseline: Best remedy for chapped lips. You can even use it on top of your fave lipstick to create a lip gloss and the vaseline will still have the same affect for the chappyness!

7. Baby Powder: When you don't have enough time to wash your hair and it has a bit of an oily appeal, your solution is baby powder. Pour some powder into the palm of your hands. Rub both hands in it and then flip your hair and rub your fingers threw it. Make sure to put the majority in your roots, the baby powder will absorb the oil almost instantly. Make sure you rub thoroughly so there is no white patches!

8. Raw Potato Slices: place them on your eyes for a few minutes and it will eliminate the dark circles underneath your eyes.

9. Pinch Cheeks: Do you want that natural rosey red blushy cheeks? Pinch your cheeks a minute before you most desire them to be pink and the blushness will last about 5 minutes!

10. Sprunch by Aussie: Want perfect beach waves for your night out? With damp hair, spray Sprunch by Aussie all over your hair and flip it, shake it a few times, and scrunch your hair from the bottom up. This spray will create sections of perfect beach waves in your hair!

11. Aveeno + Neospoin: Need to get rid of a HUGE red blemish, that your zit cream won't get rid of? Use a cotton swab and dab on some cortisone cream (i.e. Aveeno) to calm the inflammation. Let it absorb for a total of 5 minutes. Then finish with a thin layer of bateria-fighting neosporin.

12. Lash Tint: Don't wanna dish out the the big bucks for a lash tint? Here is an awesome buy that will take care of your tinting problem! Hard Candy Lash Ink darkens the hair for four days.

Oh the tricks you learn while being in a sorority during college! Hope these beauty secrets help you out dolls! There will be more posts to come on some other beauty secrets I have!

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  1. OHMYGOD I just laughed so hard at the pinch your cheeks thing... Takes me back to rush 2008!! That, and when I started dating Danny.. hahaha. love you!!