Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outfit Inspiration

Hey Dolls!
So today I have an interview for an AMAZINGGG fall internship. The internship that is up for grabs I am keeping top secrets so I dont jinx myself! But one thing I can share is that its an absolute must to look fashionable, stylish and well put together. The division in which the internship is under tends to be very judgemental on appearances. You have to look your absolute best at all times! The outfit below is what I'm trying to go for, to look fashionable yet classy and serious.

Lucy Hale is so fashionable and looks amazing in this BCBG Skirt and Urban Outfitters Shirt. Something like this outfit will get you noticed and is still presentable for the office. You look classy and stylish while still representing a brand well. (Which is what I'll be needing to do!) Add a blazer to dress it up a bit more and it also doubles as a heavy sweater if the office tends to be cold!

Wish Me Luck On The Fall Internship I'm Seeking, PLEASE!!!

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  1. When are you going to start writing about guy's style?!